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The OXOMI service plans apply equally to wholesalers, manufacturers and associations. The basic package does not include a portal of its own and is therefore only suitable for pure content providers (manufacturers) who would like to supply the portals of other companies with content via partnership.

Own contents

The amount of files that can be posted per content type (documents, videos, galleries, items) is limited depending on the OXOMI service plan. On the other hand, the amount of content that wholesalers and associations can obtain is unlimited.


Partnerships are an enormously important functionality of OXOMI. If you as a manufacturer provide content for wholesalers and associations in OXOMI, you have full control over who gets access to this content – thanks to partnerships. As long as there is no partnership, a wholesaler / association cannot obtain content from a manufacturer. All company types can request a partnership, with the other party having then to decide whether they confirm or deny it. This is how existing business relationships are mapped in OXOMI. The number of partnerships a manufacturer can confirm is limited depending on the OXOMI service plan and can be extended via upgrade.

   Weighting factor

As a rule, a partnership with a single company only counts as one partnership towards the partnership limit of the account. However, some companies have a so-called „weighting factor“ in OXOMI due to their above-average size (e.g. accounts of large associations). Depending on this factor, a partnership with such a company counts accordingly more towards reaching your limit.


Galleries are images in which any other OXOMI content can be linked (e.g. catalogs, videos, item data). A gallery contains any number of images that can be browsed through. The limit of your service plan refers to the total number of images used for it. To provide 360° galleries, the upgrade of the same name is required.


Portals bring product information to the screen – your own and that of your partners. Which content types can be displayed in your portals depends on your service plan and the upgrades you have booked. All content (documents, videos, galleries, item data) that portals of your account can obtain are always automatically updated as soon as they are published in OXOMI. This greatly simplifies the management of product information for both internal and external sales. The complete searchability, the possibility to compile information, to link it and above all to integrate it elsewhere via interface (see Infoplay) noticeably facilitate the daily work of the users.


The OXOMI pro, enterprise and ultimate service plans offer the possibility to use both the language and the country as filters for a portal call. Therefore nothing stands in the way of a multilingual OXOMI portal.

Mobile usage

The mobile usage upgrade enables the content in your portals to be also displayed on mobile devices. The basis is HTML5, so Adobe Flash is not required.


Infoplay is the integrated enterprise service bus of OXOMI. Infoplay provides numerous interfaces and thus networks OXOMI portals with your existing IT environment. Common applications are e.g.:

  • Online shop connection
  • Merchandise management system connection
  • Single sign-on for intranet portals

Contract information

As these are software license fees, all contracts run for an indefinite period of time unless cancelled. We are convinced of our product – therefore the cancellation period is only one month. Billing is annual, invoiced at the beginning of the year in advance for the current calendar year. In case of cancellation you will receive a credit note.

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